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A christian mentoring program 
Edition: English 
Year: 2009 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.UB40 2009 
A christian parental training curriculum/model for newly weds andnew p arents with children age 0-2 age 
Edition: English 
Year: 2015 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.PDF 2015 
A church action model: a response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in the African American community 
Edition: English 
Year: 2007 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.UB0.PDF 2007 
A church in search of itself : a counter-hegemonic experiment 
Edition: English 
Year: 1995 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.16 1995 
A community addresses conflict by engaging the bible to inform spiritual practices that lead to spiritual formation, which regenerates the community 
Edition: English 
Year: 2014 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.PDF 2014 
A community empowerment project for the witness to social justice 
Edition: English 
Year: 1998 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.24 1998 
A Congregation and a pastor begin anew 
Edition: English 
Year: 1980 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.0-10 1980 
A contrived conversion of camels: from a club to a church 
Edition: English 
Year: 1985 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.2 1985 
A critical examination of the church school program of Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church  
Edition: English 
Year: 1982 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.15 1982 
A critique of the symbolic interaction in the process of storytelling and its potential as an agent of change in human relations 
Edition: English 
Year: 1979 
Call No: NYTS.EDMIN.37 1979